KUWTK: Travis Barker Posts Some Steamy Pics And Clips To Mark Kourtney Kardashian's Birthday!

Kourtney Kardashian ‘s current friend, Travis Barker , hit social media to celebrate her 42nd birthday in an epic way, and he also shared some PDA-filled pics and clips of the two of them! Check them out here!

It really looks like the Kardashian and her husband are really in love and they’re not afraid to show it off in public!

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That being said, on her special day, Travis shared some of her hottest memories captured on camera, including a picture of them and a clip of her sucking his thumb.

In addition to these photos and videos, the Blink 182 drummer paid tribute to his girlfriend on her 42nd birthday and wrote in the headline: “IF *** ING LIEBE DICH! You are a blessing to this world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.’

The very first picture shows Kourt on Travis’ lap as they share a passionate kiss.

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The second is even more romantic and shows the couple in the back yard next to a fire pit and in a soothing hug.

Another snapshot was a close up of their hands touching, one of them touching her ankle, her legs in full view, while the last was a short clip of the Kardashian sucking his thumb!

But that wasn’t the only way he celebrated her.

Earlier in the day, both of them showed off the massive flower arrangement with some flowers floating overhead as they hung from the ceiling, which Travis surprised the birthday boy with.

Kourtney stated, “Tulips and gardenias are my favorite flowers. My whole house smells delicious. ‘

It looks like the two of them had a romantic date night too, as she also posted a handle from Travis and drove to a destination.

Sure enough, a third picture shows a dessert and on the plate it says: “Happy Birthday Kourtney”, written in what appears to be chocolate syrup.