Braces can correct crooked or misaligned teeth, and can improve the health and appearance of anyone’s smile – adult or child. An estimated 80% of all adults have some degree of discoloration in their teeth. Often, this is caused by age, but can also be caused by certain habits.

Today’s advanced tooth whitening procedures, in conjunction with a carefully chosen toothpaste and/or mouthwash can help remove even the most stubborn stains from a patient’s teeth. And now, a very safe and effective new laser technology has been introduced to dentists. No, it is not a form of laser or orthodontic treatment, but a technology that uses light energy to remove deep stains and discolorations. In less than 20 minutes, a patient can have a bright white smile.

This form of teeth whitening by dentist is very different from traditional whitening procedures, which often cause tooth sensitivity. And unlike teeth whitening strips and trays, it does not use a corrosive bleaching agent. It uses light energy to remove the deepest stains from a patient’s teeth. And the best part is, the procedure can be done during the same visit that he or she goes into the cosmetic dentist’s office.







What is it? Laser Bright Teeth is a form of “tooth whitening” that uses laser light energy to remove stains and other hard-to-reach stains.

According to the ADA, laser teeth whitening by dentist is an FDA-approved procedure. The American Dental Association recognizes the laser bright teeth whitening system as a treatment option. And the many dental professional organizations are also on board. In fact, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) has declared that this form of light treatment can help achieve whiter teeth and to treat dental problems like discoloration.

This form of teeth whitening is done through the application of custom-fitted teeth trays. The tray is used for only a few minutes daily. And the only thing you need to do is keep the tray in place while the tray does its work. The tray can be worn at all times, but the laser is only active when it is in use. This reduces the chances of overheating your teeth and burning your cheeks. The treatment is performed by a dentist or a specialist. There are many dental offices that offer this form of teeth whitening, and you will find that many cosmetic dental offices offer the laser procedure as an option.

The procedure starts with the dentist placing the custom-fitted teeth trays. These trays are specially designed to fit your teeth. And then the dentist uses a laser beam (which is a beam of light energy) to act on the stained teeth. The laser lights the deep stains and causes them to react. As a result, the teeth become whiter. The process can be repeated over a few days or weeks. The patient will get different results with different treatments. This is because the effectiveness of the treatment will depend on how stained the teeth were. According to the treatment, the dentist or specialist will advise you how long the treatment should continue. You should take this into consideration and decide how long you will continue it.

Once the teeth tray is in place, you wear it as you go through life. You must keep in mind that the laser must be always on. You have to wear it at all times. It’s worn like a band or a brace. When not in use, it should be kept in a medical case. It’s a good idea to remove it at meal times. And you must not handle it with your hands, but use tongs or fine brushes. The laser may become hot and burn your hands. So keep it in a medical case.


The success rate of laser teeth whitening by dentist depends on how stained the teeth were. And this form of teeth whitening is only recommended for very dark stains. It’s not recommended for small stains or for teeth that have whitening agents already. This teeth whitening method is also not recommended for veneers, crowns and fillings. It is also not recommended for crowns or veneers that have metal cores. And this method is not recommended for fillings that contain silica, glass, cerium oxide or porcelain.

Laser teeth whitening can increase sensitivity of your teeth. It’s not dangerous but may cause slight pain. It’s not good for people who have cavities. It’s not a good choice for children. It’s not recommended for pregnant women. And it’s not recommended for smokers.

Always wear the laser teeth whitening tray. Always clean it after use. And always be sure to follow the instructions from your cosmetic dentist

If you have decided to use a teeth whitening kit, then you should know that the use of a dental tray makes a very good choice. If you are having problems with sensitive teeth or pain, then you should stop using this form of laser teeth whitening. It’s quite safe and it’s not a problem with the laser. It’s just a problem with the teeth having dark stains.

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