Lebanese musician Samir Sfeir missing in Saudi Arabia: Reports | Middle East News

Local media said Tuesday that the musician is believed to be detained in Saudi Arabia, but has not yet received official confirmation.

A Lebanese music composer close to the president’s party is said to be imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for reasons unknown. This is evident from local media reports, which have been confirmed by two sources close to him and a security source.

An official source said the Lebanese Foreign Ministry tried to ask the Saudi authorities about the whereabouts of Samir Sfeir, a well-known musician who sang about President Michel Aoun.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry declined to comment. The Saudi government’s media office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A MP from Aoun’s political party, Salim Aoun, tweeted and asked, “Where is Samir Sfeir?” with a hashtag that calls for his “freedom”.

Local media said Tuesday that the musician is believed to be imprisoned in Saudi Arabia, where he is resident.

Sfeir faced backlash among Saudis on social media earlier this year when he shared a photo of himself taking a COVID-19 picture in Saudi Arabia.

The post angered some who accused it of benefiting from the Kingdom’s services, despite having indicated in the past that Saudi Arabia exports “terrorism,” which the Kingdom denies.