LeBron James Wishes His Son A Happy 16th Birthday - See His Emotional Message

LeBron James took to Instagram to wish his 16 year old boy a happy birthday. He wrote an emotional message that managed to impress fans and followers, and you can read it below.

‘Happy 16, child !!!!! 1 of a kind and I have loved every second of your existence so far in your young life promising! You are a SPECIAL child (always knows that)! Keep growing and leading your generation higher. Maybe you didn’t even think this was possible because you are just so SPECIAL! ‘he started his message.

He went on and said, “Thank you for allowing me to be your inspiration, guide, listener, mediator and many other things, but most of all just being YOUR DAD! I love you child until the wheels fall off and when they do we will push the car side by side to our destination! Enjoy your day, your existence, your LIFE !! Live.Laugh.Learn.Love! ????????❤️???????????? bronny # YoungSimba???? ‘

The weed-related jokes popped up in the comments as expected.

Someone said, “Even if he smoked that weed,” and another follower wrote, “So we’re not going to talk about him smoking butt?”

Another person cast a serious shadow saying, “If Wade’s son can be a girl at 12, LeBron’s son at 16 can smoke weed.”

Someone else posted, “You’re pretending to smoke weed is unusual … this won’t be his last time. I promise you a happy birthday, Bronny.”

Another commenter beat up the haters, saying, “The smoking jokes are old-fashioned when nobody laughs anymore.”

Last month it was reported that LeBron James, after making history in the NBA as the fourth professional player to ever make it to the finals ten times, is honoring the late Kobe Bryant!


The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Denver Nuggets in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals last weekend, which also led to the star player’s personal performance.

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