LL Cool J Said He Does Not Agree With Kanye West's Recent Actions - See The Video

LL Cool J just said he wasn’t here for the latest Kanye West promotions. The shadow space reveals more details about the situation.

TSR noted that LL Cool J was recently a guest at Desus & Mero, and when asked about the Grammy, LL immediately made it clear that he wasn’t here for Kanye West. Urinating on his Grammy Award. ‘

You probably know by now that LL hosted the awards show, known as Music’s Biggest Night.

Some of the found defended Ye. Someone said, “The Grammy doesn’t care about black people.”

One commenter posted: ‘Right. People in the industry have worked hard to deserve this and still aren’t getting it, ”and another follower said,“ I’m with Kanye. Stop looking for validity among all of these awards. Let your work speak for itself. ‘

Another follower said, “He’s pretending the Grammys haven’t urinated on us in years … expose this one, Mr. Cool J.”

Another said, “Artists want awards and recognition, but when they get them, they cross them off as nothing. I agree with LL. It can’t be salty when some awards are earned with others. ‘

One commenter wrote, “LL Cool J, you untalented Kanye would end your career, you had a lot of success,” and one fan wrote, “As a corporate man for CBS, I’m not surprised. He hosts the Grammys and is on CSI. ‘

Another follower said: “You hate Kanye so much and claim he is a distraction but concerned about his every move. Let this man live his life! Don’t get tired of worrying about a man you hate so much? ‘


In other news, Kim Kardashian shared a new photo slideshow on her official Instagram account, where she has a whopping 189.4 million followers, and included husband Kanye West along with their four children.

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