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Covid-19 cases are increasing in Wisconsin and “it’s getting worse,” says Dr. Paul Casey, medical director of a hospital emergency department in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“We expect it will peak in mid-November,” he said.

Over the course of three weeks, there has been an “alarming increase” in hospitalized patients with Covid-19, he reported.

“This has resulted in entire wards full of Covid patients being placed above all other patients that we have to take care of. Under normal circumstances, hospital capacity is typically 70% to 80%. So if you throw a whole ward of patients with Covid-19 on it, we’re pushed to the limit, ”he said.

Wisconsin’s 7-day moving average of daily positive cases is 21.8%.

Given his own forecast that the coronavirus crisis will worsen in his community, he expects a reduction in non-emergency services.

“We have not yet eliminated the necessary, but not emergency, operation. For example, if you need a hip replacement, this is not an emergency, but you do need it. These types of operations will have to be delayed until the pandemic is over. We haven’t got there yet, but we’re very, very close. “

Casey also warned that although they are currently able to take care of any patients who come in, the system will soon be overwhelmed. If this surge continues, it will soon be overwhelmed.

“What we need most is for this virus to stop spreading,” he said. “We have enough PPE, we have enough hospital beds, but that will be different soon.”

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