Loudoun United cancels remaining matches because of positive coronavirus tests

In a written statement, the organization said: “People were immediately isolated at home and are in good spirits under the care of team doctors.”

The number of players and employees infected was not disclosed. However, since there were multiple cases, doctors advised the entire group to quarantine for 14 days, DC United spokesman Zachary Abaie said.

If the situation had happened earlier in the season, league spokesman Ryan Madden said the games would have been postponed. Since the regular season ended on October 4th, there was no opportunity for it.

Many games during the USL championship season were postponed for health and safety reasons and played at a later date.

On Thursday, the USL announced that 10 people from five clubs had tested positive for the coronavirus – most since early August. More than 1,400 players and employees are tested every week.

Neither the infected people nor the affected teams are identified by the league. Typically, teams identify themselves as part of moving games.

Loudoun and DC players train separately: Loudoun in Leesburg and DC in the district. The MLS team has had no confirmed positive cases since early summer.

DC players usually play at Loudoun for season time, but due to the pandemic, it hasn’t happened this season.

Loudoun’s cancellations will not materially affect the F. Group competition. Loudoun (1-9-3) is not in the playoff competition and the canceled games do not expire. According to the guidelines set at the beginning of the season this summer, points per game determine the overall standings. Pittsburgh and Hartford are way ahead of the other three teams in the group in playoff berths.

After Loudoun’s season ends, DC plans to invite striker Kairou Amoustapha and possibly at least one other player to practice, said a person close to the situation. Amoustapha, a 19-year-old striker from Niger, scored three goals in nine games.

It and all other calls would first need to be quarantined and included in the MLS testing program, which requires several tests per week.

Meanwhile, Captain Peabo Doue, a 28-year-old defense attorney from Takoma Park and West Virginia University, said he is retiring. Loudoun was his sixth team in the lower division in eight seasons.