Lusail Stadium: Building the stage for the Qatar 2022 final | Qatar News

Lusail, Qatar – With a capacity of 80,000 spectators, the Lusail Stadium will be the largest tournament venue for the 2022 World Cup, which will take place in Qatar from November next year.

The stadium – one of eight venues for the tournament – will host a total of 10 games, including the finals and games at each stage of the event.

The tournament organizers informed Al Jazeera that the stadium should be completed “by the end of 2021”.The concrete work, the installation of the steel structures and the large roof elevator have been completed. ”

“The venue’s lawn was planted on the district’s lawn farm in August 2020. Inspections showed good growth progress and general health. ”

The stadium’s design is inspired by the interplay of light and shadow that characterizes the “Fanar” lantern.

In order to meet the obligations of the Organizing Committee, the Lusail Stadium will host a school, apartments, shops, grocery stores and health clinics after the end of the World Cup.

A community soccer field will also be built on the site.

Some installations will be removed from the stadium “to make way for these new amenities,” according to a stadium factsheet produced by Qatar 2022 organizers.

The tournament will be held in November and December next year to avoid the summer heat in Qatar, where temperatures are often over 40 ° C during the day.