Madina Milana Comes To Wendy Williams Defense Alleging That Nene Leakes Had A Sexual Encounter With French Montana

Angry! You know we always come with the tea, but this is LIPTON, so you better be ready to have a drink, roomies. You already know that the friendship between Wendy Williams and Nene Leakes goes south, and with Nene no longer part of RHOA, things seem to get worse when Madina Milana entered the chat.

We previously reported about Nene going out on Andy Cohen and Wendy’s after Wendy said that all of the Nene spin-off shows were “boring.” Well, Wendy hasn’t reacted to any of the trees Nene throws, but her friend Madina Milana sure had a lot to say.

Nene was absolutely not here for Andy and Wendy, and after doing her little twitter rant, the two of them called on her youtube channel and said, “Wendy, for you, spend more time figuring out who you can be Drain your huge legs and feet. You have to find the next water pill. And Andy, remember, nobody knew you until you knew me. “

Madina obviously didn’t sense what Nene was saying, and she got away with a message and some accusations of her own. Not only does she say that Nene “sneaked” her way back into Wendy’s life, she also makes some harsh accusations about Nene and French Montana!

“Why do not you say the truth? Speaking of a symbol. You are a complete mistake. She won’t even answer you. I can’t believe you have the guts to say that. But how about you talk about the part where when we were in the truck you let French touch everything on your cunt? That’s right, you were all under French Montana, a whole married woman, “said Madina.

Nene has not yet responded to the allegations, Roomies. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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