Mise En Scene Launches With Rumer Willis-Emma Dumont Thriller – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: UK distribution company The Mise En Scene Company launches this week before the virtual AFM with a list of the thriller What Lies Ahead starring Rumer Willis, Emma Dumont, Kelly Blatz and Katie Keene.

The London-based company will represent between 5 and 20 new low-to-mid-budget ($ 3 to 10 million) films per year, working on high profile and mass attraction projects from well-known filmmakers and fresh voices. The co-founders are Netto Fernandes and Paul SL Yates (picture below left and right).

Yates used to be a communications manager in Scotland before moving on to acquisitions at genre sales company DevilWorks. Fernandes has experience as a media director and theater producer in his native Brazil.

Directed by Rob Gardner, What Lies Ahead was written by William J. Viglione and produced by Gardner, Viglione and Joe Michael Burke. The finished film follows the tensions between two young women who are thrown together on an unexpected road trip.

Mise en scene
Mise en scene

Other titles on the panel include I Wrote This For You, directed by Jason Zavaleta and written by Brendan Keel Cook; Super November directed by Douglas King; Eating Cars, directed by Trevor Hollen; The Last Rumba directed by Guillermo Iván; Synchronicity, directed by Lyndon Horsfall; and Reach directed by Leif Rokesh.

Yates commented, “I moved to London penniless after living in Italy for seven months and previously in LA. After getting banned and luckily on leave, starting a movie sales company seemed like the only thing I actually knew how to do, and after visiting the markets for over half a decade, the only natural option. We approach our work with a collaborative mindset that is awash with passion, energy and a gigantic work ethic. Basically, we are your playful friends in these crazy times. “