Roommates, social media, sent prayers and congratulations to Lady Gaga’s dog walker in February after he was brutally assaulted and robbed of their two French bulldogs.

Several people involved in the alleged attack were arrested on multiple charges, including murder and robbery on Thursday, according to TMZ.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that they had received a video showing the location of an alley where Gaga’s dogs were dropped a few days after the abduction and used as evidence to track down the alleged attackers.

The woman who found and returned the dogs was also reportedly arrested. If you remember, she reportedly took Koji and Gustav to a local police station, but authorities advised Gaga to hold back on handing out a reward.

As we previously reported, Lady Gaga offered a $ 500,000 reward for safely returning her bulldogs after her dog walker Ryan Fischer was hospitalized. Unfortunately, Ryan was shot just before the dogs were removed.

Ryan recalled the days of shooting after saying, “As a car sped away and blood was pouring from my gunshot wound, an angel trotted over me and lay down next to me. My screams of panic subsided as I looked at her, though it turned out that the blood that pooled around her tiny body was my own. “

We are happy to announce that Ryan has now fully recovered.

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