A general view of Wellington Airport is seen in Wellington, New Zealand, on April 9.

According to the government, hospitals in the Japanese prefecture of Osaka no longer have empty beds for severe Covid-19 patients.

Osaka’s bed occupancy rate for patients with severe coronavirus was 103% on Wednesday. This is based on data published on the Osaka government website. The bed occupancy rate for mild and moderate cases is 82.4%.

To cope with the rising number of cases, the government opened two waiting centers with ventilators in April for patients who called for an ambulance but could not be admitted due to a lack of beds.

Authorities also urged neighboring prefectures to admit patients with severe symptoms to ease Osaka’s exposure. So far, however, only Shiga Prefecture has participated. You have only admitted one patient.

According to the government, 17 Covid-19 patients have died at home or in hotels since the start of the latest wave of infections on March 4.

Osaka authorities said 13,992 Covid patients are staying at home while 2,958 are waiting to be hospitalized or taken to hotel rooms.

Hotel places are offered for those who cannot be hospitalized or who must be contagious from their home and their families. Local health centers provide oxygen meters for patients at home and in hotels and have them monitored and reported to the health center.

The Osaka government also sought help from nurses from across the country with the rising number of cases. So far, more than 40 nurses have responded. There is still a job posting on the government website for nurses who “can work in the red zone of hospitals and can use respirators”.

The government said they would be paid higher than normal wages.