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Your skin deserves a lot of credit. For an organ as thin and easily injured as your skin, it protects the body pretty well. But it can also be said that the skin can sometimes become unattractive, especially when dark spots appear. As a result of a process called hyperpigmentation, these tiny dots can be the bane of human existence. There are many reasons these dark spots appear, including pregnancy, the remains of a pimple that cracked long ago, and of course, too much sun.

Regardless of their origin, dark spots are annoying, and chances are you’ve already done your fair share of research hoping to get rid of them. We have too, and what we found is one product you might know about: this Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Facial Serum for Dark Spot Corrector.

Now the name might be a sip, but for the budget conscious consumer, we believe this product gets as close to a dermatologist-led treatment as you can get and that you don’t even have to leave your home.

For one, it’s being developed by a dermatologically trusted brand that is a leader in other skin care products as well.

Designed specifically for your daily routine, this facial serum contains the same combination of accelerated retinol SA, hyaluronic acid and glucose complex that you would expect from other Neutrogena skin care products. Only this serum has the added benefit of vitamin C – which research says is a great addition. This not only protects your face from discoloration and dark spots, but also keeps the skin moist, plump and healthy. Best of all, the product’s gentle formula makes it ideal for any skin tone, giving everyone a real chance to get rid of stubborn dark spots and post-acne scars.

But is it alive? After looking at the top websites that offer this product, we weren’t surprised to see so many 5-star reviews and glowing reviews for it. Satisfied users said their skin showed signs of dark spots that faded in just 2 weeks. Others have raked in praise for their skin being “silky smooth”.

People dealing with allergies don’t need to worry either, as some users also said there is no skin irritation even when used under makeup. Customers also said there was no evidence that it was greasy and that it “smelled lovely”.

For these reasons, we have achieved our assessment that the Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Facial Serum for Dark Spot Corrector is for sure one of the best deals out there and a serious competitor to add to your skin care routine.

Article medically reviewed by Yvonne Stolworthy, MSN, RN
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Top Pick, Remover for Dark Spots Photo by Neutrogena