Beaten Whyte makes farcical Povetkin rematch claim as Russian's team vow to prove he had virus — RT Sport News

Heavyweight puke Alexander Povetkin team has said they are ready to prove he had Covid-19 after Dillian Whyte, the British guy he brutally knocked out in August, bizarrely claimed the Russian was because of recovery time stalled.

Desperate also ran Whyte’s hopes of instantly resurrecting his title ambitions were dashed when Povetkin, who produced a knockout opponent of the year when poleaxing his rivals in Britain, revealed earlier this month that he was suffering from Covid-19.

Whyte has now released reports that Povetkin was hospitalized with the virus and insisted that the Russian suffered “a lot of damage” during his fight, which led the WBC interim titleholder’s team to offer to document his illness.

“Personally, I don’t think he has Covid,” explained Whyte, accusing the veteran of faking his diagnosis.

“I think he just needed more time to get ready because he took a lot of damage in the first fight.

“He took a lot of time after the first fight. Although I was stopped, I immediately returned to training and immediately got involved again.”

Povetkin’s promoter, Andrey Ryabinsky, said he was “ready to hand in all documents” to Eddie Hearn, the organizer of the rematch, which was due to take place again in England on November 21.

“He had a pretty difficult form of the coronavirus, but he survived this period of crisis,” he told Sky Sports.

“The doctors put him back on his feet. Sasha is fine now; no complications have been found.

???????????? Povetkin poleaxed Whyte, what planet does he live on?

– William (@ William39398356) November 12, 2020

I think Whyte is just an interview away from saying that Povetkin’s knockout in the first fight was just a dream and didn’t really happen at all.

– Petr Shugurov (@GatecrasherUA) November 12, 2020

“At the moment his main task is to restore health and get back into the necessary physical shape.

“There are so many different opinions. Let us not listen to opinions, but let facts guide us and make decisions.

“The facts are simple – Sasha has coronavirus and we had to postpone the fight. This can happen to any athlete. Sasha was in the hospital – we have all the documents on hand.”

Fans were unimpressed by Whyte’s curious comments. Some related to the string of Farcical allegations Deontay Wilder made following his resounding loss to Tyson Fury in their heavyweight clash in February.

“Whyte couldn’t have said that,” laughed one. “Povetkin wasn’t ready because of some damage? Whyte almost died in the ring.”

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Another said, “Holy sh * t – Dillian Whyte is actually being fooled. How hard did Povetkin hit him?”

Hearn has postponed the fight until January 30th. “We hope that Sasha will return to training in two to three weeks,” said Ryabinskiy.

“But any physical activity should be coordinated with doctors. They are careful in their prognoses, saying that it is necessary to monitor Sasha’s situation and well-being.

“Obviously it is more profitable for us to have a rematch with Whyte as soon as possible after his defeat.”

Povetkin didn’t seem hurt when he returned to meet a hero in Moscow, including a ceremony as he walked through the airport terminal on his way home.

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“You’d like to have the confidence the average boxer has,” said one viewer. “Whyte was put on by Povetkin and thinks he’s dodging a rematch.”

Hearn would love to see Fury face Whyte when he returns his long-awaited ring in December, and the “Gypsy King” was a cause for concern when he heard Wilder’s claims that he cheated on winning the WBC title, just as briefly put to the test.

“I think Wilder is having bigger problems than boxing right now,” Fury told This Morning.

“I am very concerned about Wilder’s sanity and wellbeing. We all don’t want to be defeated after such a long time as undefeated professionals, but there has to come a point where you accept defeat and move on.

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“Wilder doesn’t seem to be able to do that. He has all these bad feelings and makes all these excuses.

“I’m quite concerned about his mental health after this defeat because he’s making ridiculous statements and I’m not sure what’s going on.

“But I always say I’m just a phone call away and if there is anything I can do to help, I would give him the best advice I can.

“But to keep going like he’s going on, it seems to me that the fight has really affected his mental well-being.”

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