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Jeff Kowalsky / AFP / Getty Images

Vice President Mike Pence takes precautions on the road after his chief of staff Marc Short was exposed to the coronavirus as he insists on sticking to an aggressive campaign plan for the final week of racing.

Pence won’t do ropes or greetings to supporters for the next few days following his campaign speeches and will just leave after making remarks, said a person familiar with the plans. The vice president typically conducts between one and three local battlefield interviews that he visits, but doesn’t allow any for the next few days.

He will be traveling with a “much leaner team” as Short and three other aides tested positive for the virus – his spokeswoman is under quarantine and his communications director is at the end of their pregnancy.

Some background information: Pence set out the day after Short tested positive for the virus, speaking in North Carolina under criticism of the White House’s decision to consider him an “essential staff” who, despite the diagnosis, did not include his close contact Must be quarantined.

He was scheduled to travel to Minnesota on Monday after testing negative for the virus on both Sunday and Monday.

Marty Obst, a close advisor to Pence, tested positive for Covid-19 early last week after coming into contact with some Pence employees. Fruit is not a government employee.

Although a total of four helpers tested positive, the person familiar with the situation said all but Short tested positive while the quarantine was carried out after contact tracing after Obst’s diagnosis.

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