Physical therapy in Cherry Hill, NJ is a general term for the evaluation and treatment of physical problems to improve mobility. Physical therapists provide services that range from acute care to wellness management, as well as pain relief. They use hands-on techniques like massage or joint mobilizations (moving joints through their full range of motion) to help treat injuries and movement disorders. Physical therapy in Cherry Hill can also be used preventively with patients who are at risk for injury or have chronic conditions such as arthritis.

What is physical therapy and what are typical treatments?

Physical therapy Cherry Hill (PT) is a form of physical medicine and rehabilitation that deals with the preservation, promotion, and restoration to the optimal function of the human body after injury or disease. The basic goal of physical therapy is to improve mobility and the quality of life through exercise, manual techniques, education, and counseling. Physical therapists in Cherry Hill assess a patient’s ability to move independently before beginning treatment; they also evaluate how well an individual follows their program at home after leaving the clinic.

How does a typical assessment proceed?

During the assessment, our therapist will first ask some questions about your history and current symptoms. They’ll also perform a physical examination of your body to see where you may be experiencing pain or discomfort. This helps us determine what kinds of pelvic floor treatment near me would best benefit you as one of our patients. It’s important that we have this information so that we can prescribe the most effective treatment plan for getting rid of those aches and pains!

Why would someone need to see a physical therapist?

Physical therapy locations near me are recommended for those who have been diagnosed with a disorder or injury that limits their movements and/or causes them pain. Physical therapists in  Cherry Hill can help people develop the strength and coordination they need to manage chronic conditions, recover from an illness or accident, improve sports performance, and avoid injuries in daily life. They might be recovering from surgery such as knee replacement surgery. Or perhaps they’ve had a recent hip fracture which has resulted in limited movement of the upper body.

The benefits of seeing a physical therapist for injury prevention, pain management, or rehabilitation

  • Increased strength and flexibility provide for a better quality of life
  • Improved range of motion reduces pain and improves mobility
  • Physical therapists can help you learn how to correctly lift objects without hurting your back or neck
  • Decreased risk of injury through proper form during exercise means less time spent on the sidelines with an injury such as a sprain, strain, muscle tear, or joint problem like arthritis. 
  • The benefits associated with receiving physical therapy treatment at Cherry Hill before any bodily damage occurs are immeasurable.

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