Doctor says Donald Trump tests negative for COVID-19 | US & Canada

According to Sean Conley, Trump tested negative for consecutive days when the president returned to the US election campaign.

Donald Trump has tested negative for COVID-19 and is not contagious to others, the White House doctor said.

“I can tell you that he tested negative on the Abbot BinaxNOW antigen card for consecutive days,” Sean Conley said in a White House memo released Monday.

The doctor said the negative determination considered a number of measurements, not just the rapid test alone.

The announcement came when Trump was traveling to Sanford, Florida to attend his first campaign event since he was infected with the coronavirus.

Conley added that the negative tests and other clinical and laboratory data “indicate a lack of detectable virus replication”.

He didn’t say when Trump was tested, but the medical team had determined that, based on data and guidelines from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “the president is not contagious to others,” Conley said.

Trump announced on October 2 that he had tested positive for the disease caused by the coronavirus. That night he was admitted to Walter Reed Military Hospital and released on October 5th.

During the weekend, Trump addressed groups of supporters huddling from a balcony onto the White House lawn.

Critics have accused Trump of failing to encourage supporters at campaign events and even White House staff to wear protective masks and adhere to socially distant guidelines.