Police chief explains what led to Daunte Wright's traffic stop

Daunte Wright’s older brother Damik Bryant told CNN he believed Wright was unaware that there was an arrest warrant for him.

Wright died of a traffic obstruction on Sunday afternoon after meeting Brooklyn Center police.

Just before the traffic obstruction, Bryant said Wright was on a visit to Bryant’s new home. Bryant said he texted Wright asking him what took so long and Wright said he was in a car wash.

He said that when his brother was run over, he sent him a text that read “I was run over” and asked for the insurance information. Bryant said he told his brother to call their mother to get this information and he did.

But by that point, Bryant said, officials had already entered Wright’s name into the system. “So he called my mother. And she said I spoke to the officer on the phone but he already told him his name without believing he had an arrest warrant. The police returned to the car and the original stop was for air fresheners, ”said Bryant.

“You asked him to get out of the car and you know his first instinct was, ‘What did I do, what’s wrong? ‘And they said,’ Well, hang up the phone, get out of the car, now we’re going to talk to you about it when you get out. ‘ So he gets out of the car and you know there are a lot of cops around already, you know, so they ask him to put his hands behind his back and then he tries to get back in the car to leave, and they fired, “said Bryant.

While police have not explained why they made the first obstruction, his mother told CNN subsidiary WCCO that Wright told her “they pulled him over because there were air fresheners on the rearview mirror”.

Wright’s girlfriend drove with him in the car, Bryant told CNN.

“His girlfriend called my mom on FaceTime and said they shot Daunte and mom said, ‘let me see him’ and he was slumped,” said Bryant, wiping his tears away. “We don’t even really know why. We know what happened and we don’t know why. ”