Portuguese officials impose strict restrictions on fans ahead of newly-switched Champions League final — RT Sport News

Fans traveling to Porto for this month’s Champions League final are not allowed to spend more than 24 hours in Portugal and stay safely in a strict bubble, according to Mariana Vieira da Silva, Prime Minister’s Minister of State.

Porto was announced as the new host of this year’s all-English final between Chelsea and Manchester City early on Thursday after the original host city Istanbul took the showpiece from them for the second year in a row and the British government offered citizens traveling to Turkey The Covid-19 crisis imposed restrictions.

All English football fans hoping for fun in the Portuguese sun later this month have dashed their hopes after it was revealed that fans are unlikely to be in the country longer than 24 hours before flying home.

A flight to Porto on May 17th is £ 250. However, a flight to Porto on May 16th before the restrictions are lifted is only £ 15. A drone flying over Stansted on the 16th delaying the trip costs £ 39.99. Hello, my name is Martin Lewis and I say hello to t

– Rhys James (@rhysjamesy) May 12, 2021

It is believed that these Portuguese Covid restrictions could not be publicly clarified by UEFA a few days ago when it emerged that Porto was a likely option to prevent CFC / City supporters from booking potentially useless flights / hotels .

– Tim Rolls (@tim_rolls) May 13, 2021

“People who come to the Champions League final will come and return on the same day with a test in a bladder situation – that is, on charter flights with trips to a waiting area,” explained da Silva.

“Then they will go to the stadium and then to the airport, less than 24 hours on national territory, in a bubble stay and with principled tests that are in principle done before getting on the plane.”

Personally, I didn’t buy a flight / hotel in advance as I feared it would happen. However, it’s a shame not to tell people in advance that “bubble” travel was a requirement. Don’t imagine a lot going to the trouble – £ 650 down to mess around for 24 hours isn’t attractive.

– Tim O’Shea (@ timmytweets101) May 13, 2021

Both Premier League teams have each received 6,000 tickets for the game. Portuguese officials determine where fans sit in order to comply with social distancing protocols. Silva added that the tickets are strictly non-transferable.

Supporters flying into the country but not participating in the game are not subject to the same guidelines.

UEFA = for the fans Pffft.

– The Swedish Chef (@ TheSwedishChef4) May 13, 2021

It’s a farce dude, clubs should boycott the game but they won’t.

– Jean Valjean (@NafeCheIs) May 13, 2021

“Obviously those who come to Porto by plane [who do not attend the stadium] will adhere to the established rules and safety measures introduced in Lisbon last year, “she said.

The news is not being received with open arms by Porto’s tourism sector. He had hoped that attending the most iconic European club football event in the city would have brought a temporary boost after a year in which revenues have suffered massively.

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