President Trump has had a fever since this morning

Larry Kudlow speaks to reporters outside the West Wing of the White House on September 2nd. Olivier Douliery / AFP via Getty Images

It’s unclear if he spelled wrong, but White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who called Trump’s coronavirus “mild” this morning, described Trump this afternoon as “very moderate” but said he was “fine” go

“The reports are, the boss says they are fine. It’s a very moderate case. The President gave us all orders and this morning gave us tasks to do. He’s on the phone so I didn’t see him. I last spoke to him last night, I hadn’t spoken to him today, but apparently he’s fine, ”Kudlow said during an appearance on Fox News.

He declined to say when Trump “gave orders” and said he was usually an “early riser”.

Kudlow reiterated that there was continuity in government: “We go about our business. The government works, there is no question of that. And we just hope for a speedy recovery at the residence, ”he said.

Kudlow rated Friday’s job report an “A-Minus,” and reiterated much of what he’d said this morning about the business cycle.

“We’re near $ 1.5 trillion, it’s not accurate, but we’re in this neighborhood and we’re still way, way below the other side. You know, we don’t need a gigantic bill. I mean, with all due respect, I know there are political and ideological differences, but we can really do that another time, ”he said, calling for deals in“ targeted key areas ”.

Money for states, he said, was still an area of ​​”significant disagreement”, adding that it should be “later”.