Russian Olympic champ Timanina slams 'women with very low moral values' as she reveals despair in bikini shot — RT Sport News

The former captain of Russia’s synchronized swimming team, Angelika Timanina, revealed her ordeal at a “difficult time” in which she “did not eat, cry or sleep” and attack immoral women and “spoiled men” for months.

Blonde bombshell Timanina had been inducted into Russia’s national surfing team for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games before it was postponed earlier this year, and the abrupt change in her sports schedule seems a time of deep turmoil for the floating gold medalist at the 2012 edition of the Games.

Posing in a small black bikini with her hair down, Timanina announced that she had realized the importance of “being real, honest, and sincere and always being yourself” as family, loved ones and their friends everywhere World helped calm her pain.

“People near me know what a difficult time I’ve been going through lately,” said the 31-year-old on her Instagram follow-up of more than 118,000 in a confessional post.

“I didn’t want to go on, I lost all my energy and forgot who I really am and what a long way I had come.

“I didn’t eat, sleep, or cry every day for several months. It seemed to me that something inside of me was broken and I would never be the same again.”

Her supporters may have had little idea of ​​the eight-time world champion’s troubles as she continued to post glamorous updates on social media over the summer.

She hit the waves, had fashion shoots over the past few months and was able to sunbathe in idyllic locations. She shared her take on a flight earlier this week when she described how she “flirted with life” while traveling.

Predicting the impending end of the quarantine in late June, Timanina visited a beauty clinic for injections, skin tightening and a hair consultation. She added that “life is getting better” and visualized a “beautiful, young, energetic” future.

However, her hidden problems clearly caused her heartache and let her emotion down.

“There are so many fakes and lies now,” she despised. “It’s all about money and completely reshaped women with very low moral values ​​and spoiled men who don’t know what loyalty and love are.

“I don’t want to be like that and I never will be. That’s why there are great people and real friends next to me who never make me feel lonely.

“I am very happy to be who I am. My whole life is just around the corner and the road is completely open.”

One of those avenues could lead them to next summer’s planned Olympics, which organizers recently insisted on.

Surfing was added to the list of games for the first time this year and Timanina hopes to make more waves in her new sport in Japan in nine months.

Meanwhile, the Honored Sports Champion of Russia gave more inspiring advice to her followers as she played basketball and continued to enjoy her break in Marbella.

“Never forget yourself,” she explained. “Don’t be like everyone else.

“Remain unchanged and then your life will be absolutely fulfilled and happy.”

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