San Francisco Chronicle, Sony Team On Podcast – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: The San Francisco Chronicle, British production company Ugly Duckling Films and Sony Music Entertainment are jointly developing the first narrative podcast project for The Chronicle, a new series about true crime called The Doodler.

The podcast tells the story of the ongoing hunt for the infamous serial killer known as the “Doodler” San FranciscoIn the 1970s, the gay community closed and up to 16 people are believed to have been murdered.

Moderated by Pulitzer Prize-nominated reporter Kevin Fagan of The Chronicle and longtime investigative reporter Michael Taylor of the same newspaper, with contributions from King Kaufman, The Doodler investigates the confusing cold case and anonymous killer named after the victims’ qualified drawings is that he left behind at the scene of his crimes.

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In some corners, the killer is believed to be still alive and residing in the Bay Area. The investigation won in 2018 after the San Francisco Police released a sketch of what the killer might look like today and offered a $ 100,000 reward for details that led to his capture.

In collaboration with Taylor, Fagan will trace the “Doodler” and try to find new clues for the search for the murderer. As part of their investigation, the production team created an anonymous lead for anyone with information about the case. Tips can be submitted by calling 415-570-9299.

The audio series is produced by The San Francisco Chronicle and Ugly Duckling Films in partnership with podcast production company Neon Hum and is slated for release in 2021. Sony Music Entertainment will provide marketing and funding. The British production company Ugly Duckling retains the screen rights.

As we reported last year, Ugly Duckling, whose films include 2013 Sci-Fi Coherence, Lena Headey star The Broken and 2020 The Bike Thief, has developed a TV project inspired by the Doodler case, We Are Your Children.

“We were so surprised to hear that the ‘Doodler’ was unknown despite the monstrosity of his crimes,” said Ugly Duckling Films founder Lene Bausager and producer Sophia Gibber. “This comes at a time when homosexuality was just being removed from the list of psychiatric disorders, a year just before women were allowed to become full cops, and at the heart of the case was the first to be run by the offset black homicide investigator – all aspects of the If that might not be more relevant to today’s landscape. “

“Press, including The San Francisco Chronicle barely acknowledged the case, ”commented Fagan. “This is a way to correct that silence and find justice for the victims and the LGBT community. Our main goal? Find the doodler. “

Tom Mackay, President of Premium Content A&R at Sony Music Entertainment added, “We are delighted to combine the production power of Neon Hum and Ugly Duckling Films with the journalistic expertise of The San Francisco Chronicle to delve into this shocking story and re-illuminate the truth behind this case. “

As seen in the David Fincher film Zodiac, The Chronicle is best known for its investigation into the Zodiac Killer, who sent 17 letters to the newspaper in the 1970s.

Ugly Duckling was represented by Travis Dunlop from WME and Randy Paul.