Scottsdale Man Who Was Caught On Video Telling 2 Black men ‘This Is A No N****r Zone’ Has Been Fired & Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

Gravel in a courtroom

Roommate, a viral video of a man using a racist bow against two young black men, has gone viral. In the video, a man named Paul Ng approaches two men and asks what they are doing in his area? He later called himself a racist and announced that his area was a “free zone”.

Almost immediately the video went viral and this self-proclaimed racist was fired from his job as a realtor. Not only was he fired, but the only house on his radar is the BIG house because Paul also had to spend some time in the clink to do his antics!

According to 12 News Arizona, Paul was arrested for disorderly behavior. The real estate agency Paul used to work for also issued a statement regarding his behavior: “On Sunday we learned about an extremely hateful and racist video posted on social media showing one of our inactive independent contractors, Paul Ng who demonstrates obnoxious and unacceptable behavior. Upon learning of this video, we immediately took action to terminate his license, terminate his involvement with us with immediate effect, and condemn his disgusting behavior. “

The agency also stated that the Arizona Department of Real Estate recommended revoking his license. As for the young man in the video, Dre Abram, he says he wants Paul to be “most prosecuted”. In the video, Dre let Paul know of the jump he had to secure before things turned left! See the full exchange between Dre and Paul here:

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