Senator Tim Scott Defends His Racism Comments On CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’ – Deadline

Sen. Tim Scott today reiterated his controversial “America is not a racist country” comment on CBS ‘Face The Nation.

The Republican from South Carolina made this remark about America in his counter-argument to President Biden’s first address to Congress last week. His remarks sparked fire and racist comments from those who disagreed with his claim that the US cannot replace one type of discrimination with another.

Twitter finally stepped in last week to stop a series of comments that used the “Uncle Tim” arc to describe him following his comments.

“I’ve said for a long time: America is not a racist country,” said Scott. “The question is whether, after a few centuries, racism and discrimination will have a lasting effect in this nation. The answer is absolute. The question that we should discuss and argue about is how we can solve these problems in the future. One side says, “I will take from some and give to others.” Fighting bigotry with bigotry is hypocrisy, it just doesn’t work. “

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Scott pointed out that his Republican counterparts were working hard to expand the possibilities.

“One of the reasons we fought for historically black colleges and received the highest funding, Republicans who believe in this fight, is because I understand that if I can improve the playing field in education, we will actually see how people thrive We have never seen it before, ”he said.

John Dickerson, host of Face the Nation, also asked Scott about the impact of the pandemic on black communities.

“If you spend a $ 2 trillion Covid package and hide in your package in it, if you are a black farmer we give you resources, but if you are a white farmer, you are excluded from those resources. You need that from one to give them to the other, ”Scott said. It refers to an initiative by the US Department of Agriculture that has filed a number of lawsuits from white farmers.

“So we’re going to turn that around and call that a way of creating fairness in our country. It doesn’t really work, ”said Scott.

Republican @SenatorTimScott believes “America is not a racist country,” but also said the system “breaks the back and breaks the mind” of millions of black Americans.

How do these two statements coexist? He explains →

– Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) May 2, 2021