Slovakia's Prime Minister Igor Matovic (right) and its President Zuzana Caputova (left).

The Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic (right) and his President Zuzana Caputova (left). JOE KLAMAR / AFP via Getty Images

Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic announced plans on Saturday to test everyone aged 10 and over in the country for Covid-19, the Slovak news agency TASR reported.

After recently seeing a surge in infections across Slovakia, Matovic stated that he believed the outbreak could only be contained through mass testing.

Speaking to the nation in a televised address, Matovic promised that he would hand in his resignation if the widespread testing did not take place.

“I fear that the current protective measures have become useless,” said Matovic. “In any case, this mass test cannot do any harm, it can only help us.”

According to TASR, Matovic said “tests will be free for the 5.4 million residents”. The campaign is expected to take place over two weekends from the end of October.

It is not yet known whether participation will be mandatory, TASR said.