Tamar Braxton Flaunts Her Best Asset For The Camera And Fans Encourage Her To Love Herself The Way She Is

Tamar Braxton flaunted her booty for the camera and fans are totally in love with her natural looks. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

“I remember wanting to have a flat ass on purpose” (you could have told me I tripped) … now of course I’m working on a small bladder. And guess what? I love myself soooo much more today 🏋️‍♀️ … Anyway – this is a dump of me and my AMAZING friends on a photo shoot #stayunderconstruction #littlebootiesmatter
@terrellmullin 📸 & [email protected] Stylist & CD @mugopus 💄 Kya Wright 👩‍🦳 ‘Tamar has given her post a title.

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Someone said, “She is still beautiful and has been given a mug for days. I love you Boo, “and one commenter posted this message:” I can scream with your bladder sister @fitgirlbod. “

Another fan said: “@tamarbraxton you are so pretty Queen.”

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Someone else posted the following: ‘You’re more likely to have an ass, no ass hair or no hair, you are beautiful! You are extremely beautiful on the outside, but that pure heart always shines through and that is the added Mmhmfffaaa of beauty! ❤️🙌🔥 ‘

One fan said, “I literally remember you saying that on the Braxton lol,” and one commenter said, “We told you to keep this!” 🍑😂 But you still look good! 😍😍 ‘

Someone else said, “I told you, friend. You just didn’t see it I guess! I love you and you are sexy either way.

One fan said, “This is the first thing I thought about before reading the caption. You look AMAZING okayyyy ?! 😍😍 ‘

In other news, Tamar Braxton shared her latest podcast on her social media account and managed to impress a lot of fans with it. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

‘This week on #underconstruction is so special because we all tend to do it. Richter, we see what a person does professionally and turn it into who he really is. I met @theonlyjasonlee on the phone last year and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with him and knew that whole “messy Marvin” person was exactly what she was and what he was good at, but not who he was. “Tamar started her message.

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