Tamar Braxton Has A New Podcast Episode Out

Tamar Braxton has released a new podcast episode. Check it out here.

‘I have the pleasure of talking to @devonfranklin this week about # underconstruction🚧 what an amazing conversation about his book that I am absolutely connected to and that is called #livingfree … he answered the million dollar question “Is it me” ??! ! 🥺🥺🥺 … please don’t miss this POWERFUL, life changing conversation about rebuilding YOU to be the best YOU !! Make sure you tune in and #stayunderconstruction 🍀🥰 ‘Tamar has given her post a title.

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Someone said, “I had to realize that there is something about me that only attracts crazy people who I believe will be in my family,” and one commenter wrote, “This was a whole word I needed to hear that has blessed me !!! ” 😊 ‘

One commenter said: “I see women dating men who have a criminal record as if it were part of their checklist for picking a good man. You are absolutely not afraid of meeting a prisoner. That is puzzling. ‘

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Someone else said, “Ugh, where is the rest of this conversation ????!” and one follower said, ‘This was the BEST !! Received a lot of messages! I love substructure! Please keep doing this !!!! I wish I could call on some topics !!! I love you Tamar !! ❤️😍 ‘

As one fan wrote, “My mom used to tell me they’d never let you believe they were, and I believe her.”

Someone else said, “It’s me. I can’t wait for school to be over. I’ll go straight and see this!”

Tamar Braxton has something to say about Mother’s Day. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

Likewise, Tamar shared a photo where she was 22 years old. She has something very important to tell the fans about this particular picture.

“I was 22. I remember feeling BOLD in this picture. I’ve probably talked about it all night too🥺 and grabbed my tummy 100x … let me tell you something🗣If you’re not going to go and enjoy your life in the current room you are in and appreciate what’s yours if it’s yours … you’ll miss it … don’t miss it ️ ️ live its percentage. Your journey around the sun is forwards, not backwards.