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Apr 22

Weight Loss and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors get a lot of questions about weight loss. Can you help me lose weight? How much weight can I lose? How long will it take to begin losing weight? Those are just a few of the inquiries chiropractors often answer for their patients. How does my weight affect my lower back pain?

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The truth is, chiropractors can help you lose weight by offering a natural alternative to diet pills and cleanses. That being said, chiropractic care is most successful in treating weight loss when also paired with healthy choices in other areas too, such as having a balanced diet and making an effort to exercise as often as you can.

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Living a healthy lifestyle and correcting spinal problems at the chiropractor may help people stay more active and lose weight. If stubborn back, shoulder, or neck pain is keeping you on the couch, then an adjustment could work wonders to decrease your pain and allow you to get back to physical activity.


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Chiropractors can offer recommendations on lifestyle changes to support a strong and healthy body, and then you could start losing weight within weeks. As for how much weight could you lose, it depends on your body type, current weight, and spinal health, as well as eating and exercise habits.