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May 3

Is chiropractic care just for your spine?

Many people wonder what chiropractic care all entails. Chiropractors often receive questions on whether they only address back problems or if they can help with the pain that's all over the body. 

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The good news for chronic pain sufferers is that chiropractic care treats not only direct back and spinal pain, but also inflammation and pressure injuries in other parts of the body. Chiropractic treatments cover the nerves, muscles, and bones in the arms, hands, feet, legs, elbows, shoulders, and neck.

That being said, much of chiropractic care is focused on spinal manipulation and adjustments as a lot of pain can be traced back to the spine. A misaligned spine or previous spinal damage can have a big impact on a person's posture, strength, and overall physical health, so the work of chiropractors is very important. 

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Chiropractors treat common conditions such as arthritis, scoliosis, and fibromyalgia in addition to general pain relief for sore muscles and inflamed joints. Even things like headaches and difficulty sleeping can be addressed by chiropractors.

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