The Philadelphia Community Is Outraged After Police Killed A Man In Front Of His Mother

People in Philadelphia are angry tonight after police fatally shot in West Philly. Witnesses watched as police shot a 27-year-old man with a knife right in front of his mother.

The authorities are now investigating the incident, which was recorded on video. The police were first called on site at around 3 p.m. to report a man with a gun.

The video can be heard of the police ordering the man to drop his gun multiple times and even telling his mother to get out of the way while they prepare to shoot him. The man, pronounced dead in a nearby hospital, was later identified as Walter Wallace.

Here is the full video of the police shots:

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I’m heartbroken to see I am heartbroken to share So much context is missing, but the story is the same. This man was in a clearly visible psychological crisis. You can tell by the way the community is responding to him. He was non-verbal. He was aggressive. He did not obey police orders and did not want to. The police brought into this situation had no idea how to de-escalate or spread the crisis. Many cops somehow find the ability to disarm and spread hostile situations with white people, but “blacks” are monitored differently – it would end badly from the start. We don’t need the police anymore. This whole unit that captured and executed this man must be dismantled. Those men who made this irreversible decision to execute this man on the street must be prosecuted. When they were not ready to deal with a man in crisis even though he was outnumbered, surrounded, armed with tasers, batons, cuffs, pepper spray, time, group tactics, and a family ready to provide help to that man let them have it left at home. Now they are criminals – murderers. Not the police. You are separate from the problem.

Posted by S. Lee Merritt, Esquire (@leemerrittesq) on Oct 26, 2020 at 2:39 pm PDT

Witnesses say the man did not bring charges against the police and critics of the officers question why less lethal force was not used to get the man to obey their orders.

The police want to speak to eyewitnesses about the shooting. There have also been unconfirmed reports that Wallace may have been autistic.

According to NBC Philadelphia, investigators said the officers involved wore body cameras that will be part of the investigation.

In response to the shooting, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner announced that his office’s Special Investigation Unit would be part of the police investigation into the shooting.

“The Philadelphia Prosecutor’s Office takes its obligation to be fair and seek justice seriously,” said Krasner. “The DAO special investigation unit responded to today’s fatal shooting of a civilian by the police shortly after it occurred and has since been on site with other DAO employees to conduct investigations, as we do in shootings together with the shooting investigation unit involved by PPD officers and deaths otherwise involving the police. “

Later on Monday night, angry citizens took to the streets of Philly to protest. We will keep you informed about updates.

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