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President Donald Trump takes off his mask when he returns to the White House from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on October 5. Win McNamee / Getty Images

It’s been less than a week since President Trump announced that he had tested positive for Covid-19. He returned from Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday this week. Dissatisfied with the temporary office space built for him in the White House residence where he isolated himself, Trump returned to the Oval Office on Wednesday.

And this morning the President gave Fox Business a 56 minute interview. Here are the highlights from the phone interview:

The president said he would not participate in a virtual debate.

The Presidential Debate Commission announced that the second debate between President Trump and Joe Biden will take place virtually. But Trump said he won’t appear.

“I’m not going to waste my time on a virtual debate. That’s not what debates are about, ”he told Fox in an interview, calling it“ ridiculous ”. He complained that the commission “didn’t even tell us about it” and that it was “trying to protect Joe Biden”.

Trump complained that he had to “sit behind a computer” in a virtual debate and that the moderator could “cut you off whenever you wanted”.

Trump said he doesn’t think he’s contagious

“I don’t think I’m contagious,” he said less than a week after testing positive for coronavirus, adding that he is immune to another infection.

He attributed his recovery to a “perfect physical test”.

He said he was ready to hold campaign rallies.

Less than a week after testing positive for coronavirus, he said he was ready to resume campaign rallies. He insisted that he is actually better than normal and ready to resume his campaign plan.

“I think I’m better … to the point where I’d like to do a rally tonight. I wanted to do one last night,” Trump said. “I feel perfect. There is nothing wrong.”

But then he said he wasn’t tested for the virus.

It is unclear how the president will judge that he is not contagious. When asked if it was recently tested, he said:

“No, I will be tested very soon, but I am essentially very clean. They say it’s over a six, seven day period, ”he said.

He called his illness “almost a godsend”.

Trump again praised the drugs he received from Walter Reed but said he couldn’t have avoided contracting coronavirus.

“No matter how good the security is, you are not going to protect yourself from this thing,” he said, and later added, “You are catching this thing. It’s dust particles.” The virus is not a “dust particle”.

Some connections to consider: In order for Trump not to be contagious, it must have been at least 10 days since Trump first began to have symptoms and 24 hours free from fever without taking any medication that could lower his fever. Trump should still isolate, not advertise. Although he has some protection, no one can say for sure if he is immune.