Tiny Harris Impresses Fans With This Throwback Photo

Little Harris impressed her fans with a really cute throwback photo that she shared on her social media account. Check it out below.

‘Just two childhood friends from Cleveland Ave. #NoIgApril Black girls from the hood of our country 💩 #GoodOldDays #CrawfordLongMiddle #WhyDidWeLoveClogging #NiqYouKnowThatBabyIsMyTwin ‘

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Someone said, ‘Hey !! I also visited Cleveland Ave and Crawford Long. ATL! ‘and one commentator wrote, “I’m from Cleveland Avenue and also attended Crawford Long Middle School.”

Another follower said, “You are the best. In Austria you get 1 very good 🔥🔥🔥 ‘and one follower said:’ You are so cute (back when children were children, no social media), children, we are children who are dressed like children and have not met other kids around the world via social media and things like hopscotch, jump rope, drawing in I am color books, we are preferred hobbies.

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One fan said, “Don’t be the girl ashamed, I was a clogger in elementary school and it was fuuuuuuun!” and another follower wrote this: ‘Genes are strong in the family as appearance is passed 😩’

One commenter wrote: ‘Yes, it is the baby !!! I said she was your twin. “Another follower said,” Wow! Still look the same! Don’t age at all! 🙌🏾Only beautiful. ‘

Little Harris shared a video on her social media account in which a young mother has something important to say. Check out the clip below.

“Let’s help this young mother @meshiaduhh get the help she needs for her and her children. I wish you a very good Monday. «Tiny has given her contribution a title.

In other breaking news, Little Harris shared a video with King Harris That has fans who praise the young man.

“You already know how I feel about this one. The king of ❤️ @ the_next_king10 is my kid who is a jack of all trades and while this is still a work in progress. I am just a proud mom. First, wk back in .. & you can already see the greatness coming! Iny‼ ️ ‘Tiny gave her post a title.