Toya Johnson Shows Off Her Natural Hair In This Video

Toya Johnson shared a video on her social media account showing off her natural hair. Also, check out their free makeup look below.

‘My natural hair with KOSAPROFESSIONALS. I’m so impressed by @kosaprofessionals ❤️❤️❤️ It made my natural hair so straight and it stayed straight for a long time! I took a picture with one side depressed. Swipe to see … Go to Kosaprofessionals. com to find out more #kosaprofessionals #silkpressmasters #silkpressnyc #silkpressatlanta #hairstraightener #flatiron, ‘Toya wrote her post.

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Someone else said, “She said she pressed one side once which is why the other part is still chubby,” and one commenter said, “I’m too scared to cut my hair but I love your cut. “

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One follower said this, “You don’t even try your beautiful toy,” and someone else wrote this, “Didn’t you just cut it?” It’s growing so fast ????. ‘

One fan said, “What do you use to keep hair healthy and curly?” and someone else posted this: ‘Toya, what did you use to make your edges bigger again? You look so thoughtful and adorable! ‘

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One commenter wrote: ‘People need to read before they comment, lol the middle of their hair is NOT pushed. Only the left side is! She did this to show you the difference between when her hair is pressed with the straightener and when it is not pressed. ‘

Another follower said, “Reading is fundamental; she said only one side is pressed ????????‍♀️… .. your hair grows so fast ‘and someone else wrote this:’ she said only 1 side is pressed dam Read guys !!!!! Still looks good. ‘

Toya shared some new clips with her and Robert Rushing’s baby, Rule rushing.

The clips managed to impress fans who saw Reigny in a completely original state of mind. Check out the clips.

‘Reign started with Mommy Vibes, ready to party, ended Daddy Vibes all day. ???????? ‘Toya has given her post a title.


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