Trump No Longer At Risk Of COVID-19 Transmission – Deadline

Donald Trump’s doctor said in a memo released on Saturday that the president was no longer at risk of transmitting the coronavirus.

Dr. Sean Conley wrote, “I’m delighted to announce tonight that this morning’s COVID-PCR sample is not only considered a transmission risk for the President, but that the President meets the CDC criteria for safe abortion Isolation fulfills others. “

He noted that Trump was not free of fever on day 10 of the onset of symptoms and for “well over” 24 hours. He said that “the selection of advanced diagnostic tests shows that there is no longer any evidence of active replication of the virus.”

Trump plans to hold rallies again next week, starting with an event in Sanford, FL on Monday evening. He appeared from the balcony at the White House on Saturday to deliver a speech to hundreds of attendees, many of whom wore masks but did not practice social distancing.

Conley said he will continue to “monitor him clinically if he returns to an active schedule”.

Trump still hasn’t revealed the last time he had a negative test before testing positive on October 1. The COVID-19 outbreak at the White House – possibly due to a “super-spreader event” on September 26th in the Rose Garden – has affected government officials and employees at the highest levels.