Tupac Gets Tix For VP Debate Between Kamala Harris & Mike Pence – Deadline

With a choice full of ridiculous plays, Mike Pence could have hit new highs and lows at the same time in the final Republican strike at Kamala Harris.

Just hours before the former Indiana governor faces Sen. Harris of California in the campaign’s first and only vice presidential debate, the GOP incumbent’s team announced that they have set aside a ticket for Tupac Shakur.

Yes, you read that right. These are the kind of people we deal with.

“I can confirm we left a ticket for Tupac Shakur, who is known to be Sen. Harris’ favorite rapper,” said Jason Miller, senior adviser for Trump / Pence’s re-election campaign, on a call Wednesday with a preview of the Much anticipated media matchup between his boss and the Vice President of the Democrats. “I don’t know if he’ll show up,” added the cable news chief, who spoke frequently. “Personally, I’m more of a Biggie fan if he’s still alive, but we’ll have a ticket waiting for Mr. Shakur.”

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The Trump / Pence campaign has even doubled:

True https://t.co/mascSb4L37

– Tim Murtaugh – Download the Trump 2020 App Today! (@TimMurtaugh) October 7, 2020

Two things, in the heat of the decline of the east and west coasts nearly three decades ago, were shot down by California Love superstar Shakur aka 2Pac and Brooklyn’s best Christopher Smalls aka The Notorious BIG. In a notoriously unsolved case, as described in the 2018 U.S. unsolved drama, Shakur was killed on September 7, 1996 after a fight by Mike Tyson on the Vegas Strip. According to many, Smalls was gunned down on Wilshire Boulevard in LA on March 9, 1997 leaving an afterparty of the Soul Train Music Awards.

The murders shocked the not-easily shocked hip-hop community when two legends in their prime were lost. With new releases, newly discovered tracks and remixes almost every year by both artists, a Shakur hologram brought old friends Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre teamed up to create a big roar from the crowd at the 2012 Coachella Festival.

The VP debate is ongoing, but Plexiglas will separate Kamala Harris and Mike Pence to help reduce COVID-19 risk

What does this have to do with today’s VP debate in Utah?

Well, at the end of last month at the NAACP virtual convention, Harris made a slip of the tongue when she answered Tupac to be asked who the “best rapper in the world” was. The Oakland-born junior senator from California was loyal to her school, so to speak, but she also caught her mistake.

“Not alive, I know – I’ll keep doing this,” said an embarrassed Harris after questioner and CNN regular, Angela Rye, pointed out that Shakur had died more than two decades ago. Oddly enough, Harris ducked and actually gave an answer to the question (the correct answer was Rakim, just say).

Kamala Harris asked who is the best rapper in the world?

She answers @ 2PAC

Then he says, “Not alive, I know I’ll keep doing that.”

Tried to think of another living rapper. “There are some I wouldn’t mention right now because they should stay on their trail.” pic.twitter.com/MZJ5FZC4qP

– Emily Larsen (@emilyelarsen) September 25, 2020

Well, as Rye noted, there is a school of belief that 2Pac was not actually killed and that the scion of the Black Panthers has been hiding since 1996. But that’s pretty much the more modern version of the folks who see Elvis at Walmart and clearly not where Harris went with her answer.

The Trump / Pence campaign whistled a little more against the first woman of color on a national ticket and probably also reminded her obsessive vase of the alleged comment made by 55-year-old Harris on the radio show The Breakfast Club that she used to smoke dope and last year Listening to Shakur and Snoop when she was a student at Howard University.

The problem for Harris is that she graduated from DC College before any of the rappers put out an album.

The problem for the GOP is that marijuana legalization supporter Harris never actually said the statement about Shakur, Snoop, and their pot use – as you can see in the video below from one of Harris’ senior advisors:

The right is so desperate to attack @KamalaHarris that they are trying to make Reefergate a reality. @ Djenvy asked what she heard. @cthagod made a pot joke. Then she answered @ djenvy’s question.

It’s really not that complicated. Just look. pic.twitter.com/jIuRLFUULF

– Ian Sams (@IanSams) February 12, 2019

In this context, it will be difficult tonight if this is the game before the debate.

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