U.S. Airlines Cancel Israel Flights, Citing Unrest

Airlines in the United States have started canceling flights to Israel as violence escalates.

United Airlines announced it had canceled flights from Chicago and Newark to Tel Aviv on Tuesday and San Francisco and Newark to Tel Aviv on Wednesday. Citing the riots, the airline said it would also waive change fees for customers booked on flights to or from Tel Aviv by May 25.

American Airlines said it canceled a flight from John F. Kennedy Airport in New York to Tel Aviv on Wednesday and another that was returning on Thursday. The airline announced that under certain circumstances it would waive fees for customers whose flights to Tel Aviv are scheduled to run until May 25.

Delta Air Lines said it also canceled a flight in either direction between Kennedy Airport and Tel Aviv on Wednesday. A spokesman said the airline had “been monitoring the situation” and not decided when flights would resume.

The airline issued a travel waiver on Tuesday for customers who booked flights to or from Tel Aviv between Tuesday and Thursday.

In a statement on its website on Wednesday, El Al, the Israeli national airline, said flights would continue to run as scheduled, but customers with trips booked before May 19 could potentially reschedule without committing change fees numbers.