UFC veteran Markos rages at rival Pinheiro for ‘stealing’ victory after controversial DQ defeat — RT Sport News

UFC strawweight rider Randa Markos prevailed against rival Luana Pinheiro because she “oversold” her reaction to the illegal start that brought Markos a controversial disqualification defeat at her Las Vegas competition over the weekend.

Markos was disqualified for an illegal kick against her Brazilian opponent towards the end of the first round at the UFC Apex on Saturday night.

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After being brought to the screen, Markos pushed Pinheiro away with her left leg before kicking her rival’s face with his right foot.

Pinheiro, who was still on her knees, was thrown onto her back where she was lying, apparently dazed, when she asked, “Have I lost?” before the fight was called off by Referee Mark Smith.

Markos’ illegal kick was deemed deliberate and she was handed a DQ defeat. The decision was announced when Pinheiro stayed in her chair. She was then carried out of the octagon by a member of her team.

The 27-year-old Brazilian, who earned her UFC contract thanks to a formidable performance in Dana White’s Contender Series last November, has been accused by some of using theater to claim a debut win in the Octagon.

It was a fourth defeat for Iraq-born Canadian veteran Markos, 35, when her future in the world’s largest MMA promotion was questioned.

The flame-haired fighter, who received her own treatment shortly before her disqualification due to an accidental wink from Pinheiro, made her feelings clear in a defiant Instagram post on Monday.

“I’ve been in the fighting game for a while now. I never purposely threw an illegal punch. It is a fight that is sure to happen, ”wrote Markos.

“I took three eye stitches (which required stitches and vision loss) and didn’t think for a second that I was going to stop …

“Yes, my foot brushed against it, but my opponent’s inability to continue seemed a bit oversold and suspicious. I let her know after kick-off that I didn’t leave this cage without a win and she stole it from me. “

Despite her losing streak, Markos signaled that she intended to keep fighting in the UFC or elsewhere.

“I’m excited to see what’s next,” wrote Markos. “I have a lot of heart in me that needs to be let out. Thank you to everyone who helped me with this camp. I love you all and will be back soon. “

Markos has been a staple in the UFC women’s straw weight since her debut in promotion in 2014. She fought 17 times and now holds the undesirable record of becoming the first female fighter in UFC history to score 10 losses in the octagon.