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Eric Trump speaks at a rally for his father, President Donald Trump, in Monroe, North Carolina on October 8. Nell Redmond / AP

Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, is not a doctor. Or an infectious disease expert, and it shows.

Here’s Eric Trump talking to host Jonathan Karl about his father’s recovery from Covid-19 during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday (bold is mine):

Eric Trump: “Yes. Listen, he was hit hard on that first day, the first day on Friday. And I can tell you as a son, it’s never fun to see your father fly to Walter Reed on Marine One, right? I mean, this is something that – – it’s a day no son wants to remember, it’s – it’s not fun to see.

“But I’ll tell you, I spoke to him three times the next Saturday. The guy sounded 100%. It was amazing. It probably speaks to how good some of these vaccines are being made, and what my dad did on the vaccine front no one could have done. Nobody could have done it.

“I mean, literally, Biden called my father xenophobic for banning America from traveling to China – I mean, and the virus came from China. My father literally started developing this vaccine on day one. He did worked to get this vaccine going. And now my dad just took it. And you see how well he got over it –

Jonathan Karl: Wait wait. Can you —

Trump card: – an inspiration. I think – as Americans, Jon, we should be very proud of it.

Karl: Can you clarify that? You said your dad just took a vaccine?

Trump card: That is, when he was at Walter Reed, the medication he was taking.

Karl: The therapeutics?

Trump card: – he felt terrible. And on Saturday – again I spoke to the man three times on Saturday and he sounded great. And I think it shows the power of medicine in this country and how far we’ve come in the last six, seven months with Covid.

Holy cow! Is there a vaccine against Covid-19? That’s good news!

Or no. You see, Eric Trump either let the biggest cat ever out of the bag – that the president was given a “vaccine” against Covid-19 – or he’s just confused about the difference between drugs that are supposed to help weaken the virus and an actual vaccine.

(TIP: the latter.)

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