US weather conditions largely favourable on election day | US & Canada

A cold wind, a little snow, and a little rain, but it will be mostly sunny in the United States when tens of millions of Americans vote.

Sunshine is the forecast for Tuesday in most of the United States. It may come as a surprise after a record hurricane season and recent snowfall as far as New Mexico, but for election day today, that is the case for most. But the US covers a large area with different geography, so there is always “weather”.

Rain is already falling in the Pacific state of Washington and invading Oregon. The rain in Seattle keeps the temperature at 13 degrees Celsius. That’s pretty average for Seattle.

You might have expected a bad cold to see everyone dressed in the barrage of last minute rallies. And there’s a cold wind blowing over the Great Lakes and New England.

On election day in Harlem, Manhattan in New York City, New York, USA, people at the James Weldon Johnson School stand to vote [Andrew Kelly/Reuters]Burlington, Vermont started the day below freezing and will not exceed 3 ° C (39 ° F) today, and that’s before the wind chill is added. On top of that, upper states of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine are likely to see some snow.

Pennsylvania also has cold winds, but this will subside in the sunshine and Pittsburgh will reach 11 ° C (52 ° F) when the breeze drops. Similarly, Cleveland, Ohio should hit up to 13 ° C (55 ° F) after a cold start in sunshine and falling breezes.

Voters stand at a polling station in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA on election day [Sam Wolfe/Reuters]In unsurprising contrast, Florida is temporarily shower-free and warm, but not sunny and hot. In a stiff northeast breeze that carries clouds of fluff, Miami could reach 24 ° C, about 5 ° C below average.

There is a small chance of a shower in South Florida. Hurricane Eta, hundreds of miles away over Nicaragua, is helping to level the showers over the Bahamas, and they could cut Florida off.

Georgia has lost its warm and humid feel, but Atlanta should have a sunny day and climb to a below-average 17 ° C (63 ° F).

Arizona is hot and sunny, about 6 degrees above average for this time of year at 33 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. This is enough to trigger a thunderstorm or two.