Violence in Israel Challenges Biden’s ‘Stand Back’ Approach

At a briefing on Monday, State Department spokesman Ned Price was asked about a tweet from Ilhan Omar, Democrat of Minnesota, who said the deputy mayor of Jerusalem had advocated “ethnic cleansing” in defense of the proposed evictions. “Mr. Price said the claim was” not something to support our analysis “.

Some analysts said that even if Mr Biden shared the view that more pressure on the Israeli government would be effective, he could guard against further escalating tensions with Israeli leaders who are concerned about his top priority in the Middle East: one Attempt to restore the nuclear power plant in 2015 has to do with Iran, which Mr Netanyahu and other senior Israeli officials have long spoken out against.

Mr Biden also took office at a moment of tremendous political change, when Israel was in the midst of several failed efforts to form a permanent government and the Palestinians were headed for elections – postponed since then, another source of the current unrest – that drove the effort to development made clear US policy difficult. Mr Netanyahu is struggling to stay in power and US officials say Mr Abbas’s impact on Palestinian protests and violence fueled by militants and social media is near zero.

Mr Biden also has memories of his days as Vice President of Obama’s call for a freeze on the Israeli settlement and territorial concessions that had little impact on politics in the long run but suffered severe political setbacks from Republicans and some Democrats who said they had. Obama failed to understand Israel’s security needs.

Republicans continue to exploit tensions in the Democratic Party over Israel’s policies. On Tuesday, Mr Trump issued a statement accusing Biden’s lack of support for Israel leading to new attacks on our allies. However, it was unclear what support Mr Trump was not giving in the United States’ view, as his own statement in support of “Israel’s right to defend itself” was in line with the topics of conversation by the Biden administration.

Many Democrats, including privately speaking Biden officials, say Mr. Trump is a major cause of the current problems. Halie Soifer, chief executive of the Jewish Democratic Council of America, said that Mr. Trump, who strongly supported Mr. Netanyahu’s settlement policy and defied warnings of Palestinian unrest when he moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, “ready was to intervene in Israeli domestic politics and elections to pursue its political agenda, regardless of its impact on the region or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “

Ms. Soifer said Mr. Biden deserved to support Israel’s so-called Iron Dome anti-socket system, which protected Israeli cities from fire, during the Obama administration.