‘Ways & Means’, Sarah Cooper/Cindy Chupack & ‘Welcome To Georgia’ – Deadline

CBS today made its new series pickups for a drama, Good Sam, under the heading of Sophia Bush, and a comedy, The Tom Smallwood Project.

The network also relayed political drama Ways & meanswith Patrick Dempsey. untitled Sarah Cooper / Cindy Chupack Single camera comedy and 2020 comedy pilot, Welcome to Georgiawith Hannah Simone and Elizabeth Hurley.

Dempsey plays a powerful congressional director in Ways & Means who was ordered to pilot in the early stages of the 2020 primary when politics was on everyone’s lips. Fifteen months later, after a grueling presidential campaign and two impeachment trials amid a pandemic, there appears to be some political weariness that likely impacted the project’s prospects and its ability to sell internationally. This is critical to creating your own series that are both Good Sam and Ways & Means in the current broadcast business environment. Still, few can deny the great appeal of bringing Dempsey back to the small screen, especially after his gray returns. I heard there was talk of possibly recording the show for the midseason, but ultimately the network decided against it.

Sarah Cooper / Cindy Chupack’s unnamed single-camera comedy, which stars three female leads and deals with gender politics, was a dawn for CBS, but it is hugely popular. Some suggest that if there is no shelf space at CBS, she could potentially switch to Paramount +. I hear that doesn’t happen.