In an article published today in the New England Journal of Medicine, NYU Dean Wagner Sherry Glied, a former deputy secretary in the U.S. Department of Health during the Obama administration, introduces possible federal policies and regulations that a Biden administration could expect could establish COVID-19 – which, she writes, almost certainly will persist as “the most pressing health crisis our nation has faced in a century”.

The perspective piece is entitled “Healthcare in a Biden Administration”.

According to Glied, an election victory for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden next month, accompanied by Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, would likely restore the original functionality of the US Affordable Care Act and ensure the protection of people with pre-existing health problems. Increase the total number of insured persons and limit expenses for persons with high costs.

This has led to “devastating” health and economic outcomes, among other possible outcomes that Limb observes. A Biden government could be expected to implement a more effective pandemic response than the current one. By using federal agency, a change in leadership in Washington, DC, “could spark a national Covid-19 response that improves the production and fair distribution of personal protective equipment, testing and vaccines.” A public health job corps could be established and mobilized to conduct the contact tracing.

A Biden win could also put the United States at the forefront when it comes to emphasizing preparedness against future pandemics and expanding America’s participation in the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and their global presence, writes Element.

“Just as President Barack Obama relied on incremental, practical changes to achieve the most far-reaching and substantial reform of the US health care system in 50 years, a Biden administration could take various practical and efficient steps to ensure that improved and that A cheaper system serves all Americans, “says Glied.

In addition to serving in the Obama administration, she served as a senior health and labor economist on the President’s Council of Economic Advisers under President George HW Bush and President Clinton, and served on President Clinton’s Health Care Task Force chairing working groups on global budgets and the economic impact of Clinton’s reform plan.

She can comment on the article: Please contact the NYU press officer listed on this press release to arrange an interview.

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