White House hosted Covid 'superspreader' event, says Dr Fauci

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Leading US virus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has criticized the White House for hosting a meeting last month linked to a Covid-19 outbreak.

Dr. Fauci, a member of the White House’s coronavirus task force, said the president’s exposure of his justice candidate was a “superspreader event”.

Dozens of White House staff and other contacts were reportedly infected.

President Donald Trump’s doctors have just cleared him up for public events as he is recovering from Covid-19.

Mr. Trump, who was discharged from the hospital after three nights on Monday, ran a medical “rating” on Fox News on Friday night.

He is expected to host a personal event at the White House on Saturday.

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What does Dr. Fauci said?

CBS News asked Friday what Dr. Fauci believes the White House’s reluctance to insist on masking and social distancing as antivirus measures, and relying on regular testing instead.

“The data speaks for itself – we had a superspreader event in the White House, and it was in a situation where people were huddled together and not wearing masks.”

Dr. Fauci also noted that experts have been recommending wearing masks for six months and condemned talk of a “cure” for the coronavirus – a word Mr Trump used regarding the experimental Covid-19 treatments he was given during his had received last stay at a military hospital.

An event at the White House on Saturday, September 26, for the President’s appointment of Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court Justice, is believed to be the root of the localized outbreak, as many attendees have since tested positive.

Due to Covid-19, large gatherings are still banned in the country’s capital, but federal properties like the White House are exempt.

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What events has Mr. Trump planned?

On Saturday, which his doctors said will be 10 days after his diagnosis, Mr. Trump will be speaking from the balcony of the White House to a group on the South Lawn.

Hundreds of people were reportedly invited.

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All attendees must wear masks, get temperature checks, and be encouraged to social distancing, the White House said.

Mr Trump’s remarks, according to the White House, refer to the issue of law and order, which makes it more of a presidential event than a campaign event.

There will also be an event by the group Blexit, a campaign calling on black voters to reject the Democratic Party.

On Monday, the Trump campaign is planning a large rally in Sanford, Florida.

What about the debates?

Next week’s second presidential debate between Trump and his Democratic White House challenger Joe Biden is now officially canceled.

The Presidential Debate Commission said in a statement Friday that both campaigns had announced “alternative plans for that date”.

At the request of the commission, Mr Trump had refused to hold the showdown virtually on October 15 in order to minimize the risk of the spread of coronavirus.

The commission said it was still making arrangements for the third and final presidential debate on October 22nd in Nashville, Tennessee.

Who has tested positive in Mr. Trump’s circle?

The announcement of Mr Trump’s first mass gathering since he was infected sparked an alarm in Washington, where officials are still trying to contact attendees at the White House event, which saw several Republican senators, Mr Trump and his wife, and several other senior aides from the White House were infected.

According to his doctors, Mr Trump tested positive for Covid-19 last Thursday, but he didn’t say when his last negative test was.

  • Did this event cause a virus outbreak in the White House?

According to the US media, 34 White House employees and other contacts tested positive for Covid-19 in the past few days.

On Friday, the Minnesota Department of Health announced that nine infections have been linked to Mr Trump’s September 18 rally in the state.

At least one person was contagious when they attended, officials say, and two cases have resulted in one of those people being hospitalized in the intensive care unit.