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Working at the House? Home Ergonomics Tips to Help Keep Back Pain Away

Sep 1

Working at the House? Home Ergonomics Tips to Keep Back Pain Away

Have you been working in the comfort of your own house? Use these home ergonomics tips to upgrade your office and keep back pain away.

One of the most convenient opportunities of owning your own business is running it from home. A major issue is keeping the setting professional while making it comfortable.  

Don't make it too relaxed that you hurt your body in the process. It's time to consider home ergonomics to keep the back pain away. 

Designing and arranging your home workspace to fit your body promotes good posture. It decreases unnecessary motions and heights, making production more efficient. 

Ergonomics also increases the quality of your work. You feel less frustrated and fatigued because you know your workspace is safe. 

Have you been working in the comfort of your own house? Use these home ergonomics tips to upgrade your office and keep back pain away.

Don't Sit in a Spot the Makes You Hunch Your Back 

Working from doesn't mean that it's okay to lounge anywhere while you're trying to work. Most often people sit at a kitchen table or any location in the home where they can sit their laptops. 

The problem with that is the table or surface may be too low causing you to hunch over. Never hunch or hump your back over your laptop. This leads to shoulder pain, neck strain, but most importantly, back pain. 

Use an ergonomic laptop stand to raise your screen a little higher. Keeping your laptop screen eye level helps reduce incidences of back trouble and pain

Invest in a Proper Desk

Working from home doesn't eliminate the need for professionalism. You still need a proper workspace. 

Invest in a proper work desk. 

Make sure the desk is the right height and width. There should be ample space between your knees and the desk. At no time when you sit or turn to stand should your knees bang any part of the desk.

Your elbows should rest at the same height as the keyboard, mouse, and or laptop when you sit. If you can't find a desk built this way, look for one that allows you to adjust the height.

An adjustable keyboard tray works great as well. 

Don't Skimp on a Good Chair

Sitting at a kitchen chair, on the edge of a bed, or a couch for eight hours isn't smart. That's a sure-fire way to mess your back up. 

Spend the money and invest in a good office chair.

Most office chairs allow you to adjust the height and seat tilt to support the back and neck. You should also be able to adjust the seat depth. Allow two to three fingers length from the edge of the seat and the back of your knees.

This helps protect the lower lumbar.

Make sure your new chair supports the natural arch of your back. This helps you maintain good posture while you're seated. 

Upgrade Your Workspace with Home Ergonomics 

Home ergonomics are your best friend when you work from the comforts of your living room. Make adjustments to your workspace and look out for your back. 

Let us see to your back issues. Give us a call today and let us schedule you a session and a massage. 

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